NEW START – March 2017

We are off to a new start with Sustenance-Cuisine. There are new recipes to share and some new resources as well. It has been almost four years since we switched to a plant-based diet. When we first started out my husband Jim kept telling me that the food I made was really good and that I should write about it so others could benefit. So one thing led to another. The focus of is on recipes for good tasting food that will help people incorporate plant-based eating into their lives.

I’ve learned a lot in the past four years about how to have a plant-based diet and I cook differently than I did before. To start sharing what I have learned I’ve added two new pages to Sustenance-Cuisine.

  • In Resources I share the books and websites I’ve used to learn about nutritional needs and how plant-based diets can fill those needs. I also use some of them for cooking techniques and inspiration.

  • In Strategies I share some of the things I have learned about how to actually make most of your food from scratch . . . and still have a life.