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Hummus has been a go-to food for centuries. The first written recipe for chickpeas and sesame was from 13th century Cairo. Variations have developed all around the Mediterranean and today there are innumerable recipes for hummus available on the internet.  Most of them include the basic four ingredients: chickpeas, sesame paste, garlic and lemon juice. This version includes a little vegetable broth to make it creamy. Hummus provides you with protein and a number of essential vitamin and minerals. Without the olive oil called for in many recipes, this one is lower in fat but still has all the flavor.

You can serve this as a dip with vegetables. You can thin it and use it as a sauce on vegetables. It is especially good and nutritious when served with whole wheat bread, tortillas, or pita. My husband likes it spread on whole wheat bread with roasted red peppers and grilled. The possibilities are endless.