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Farro is a delicious grain that has a rich, nutty flavor and holds it shape and texture when cooked. It is somewhat reminiscent of barley. Its earliest common name was Emmer and it is native to the Fertile Crescent area of the Middle East. Grains found in the area have been dated back to 17,000 BC. It was cultivated in ancient Egypt along with einkorn and barley. Some think that the Romans conquered Egypt to control their granaries to feed the Roman legions. Pliny the Elder wrote that it was called far in his time. Farro has been grown in Tuscany for a long time and is part of their cuisine. Today farro is grown in many parts of Europe and Ethiopia and in the U.S. It grows best in barren, high-altitude terrain. Farro can be ground into flour for use in making bread and pasta although since it is low in gluten it must be combined with another flour when baking. CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE ARTICLE